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Your great experience at our homes is what we value the most

Esenzia Homes brings together a group of dedicated Airbnb hosts who strive to make world travellers feel home, welcomed, comfortable, and get the most of their local experiences. Currently, Esenzia Homes has hosts in Madrid, Spain, and Shanghai, China, with the aim to persuade more hosts to join us.

  • Casa Catalina - Madrid, Spain

    Jewel in the North of Madrid Capital

  • Casa Jenna - Madrid, Spain

    Penthouse in Madrid City Centre

  • Casa Sabrina - Shanghai, China

    Essence of the Old Shanghai Glory

  • Casa Miya - Shanghai, China

    Comfort in the French Conssesion

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Our Hosts

All Esenzia Homes Hosts are working hard to provide you great experince
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Jen Xiao

Casa Jenna Host
I love the whole Airbnb idea, not only that my spare room can now bear some of life expenses, but it brings the world to my doorstep. As a traveller myself, I am easy to put myself into my guest’s shoes and think what makes their staying more enjoyable.
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Giacomo Migno

Casa Catalina Host
I am a lover of adventures, let’s share our stories when you are in town : )
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Sabrina Zhang

Casa Sabrina Host
My dream is to see the world, however, so far, I haven’t been able to realise it, through Airbnb, I met so many world travellers that I get inpired of, so, now I am saving for go after my dream, and your bookings will help ; )
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Miya Inés

Casa Miya Host
I hope you will have a nice stay at Casa Miya!

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